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Reece here: I started work on the Pax Avalon comic book series in 2005 and have expanded it steadily since then.  My amazing wife Rachel edited the entire project, with shared writing credit on the BirthRight volume.  I love working with my writing circle (a group of people that I bounce plot ideas, dialogue, and artwork off of) and have really benefitted from the advice and insights I have received from Chris Klix, Crystal Friesen, Artur Bergen, Danny Ferguson, Mike Bjorndal, Jon Pue, Chris Hawthorne, Tanya Keenan, Walter Garre, Rod Wiebe, and Rebecca Jimenaz (the latter actually worked through several pages of tough dialogue for me when I was having trouble finding the right "voice").  A massive "thank you" to all of them!

The Ethics in Comics team began after my college roommate Chris Klix and I went down to Emerald City Comic Con a few years ago and were browsing through the program.  We noticed a wealth of networking, How-to, and interview panels, (the vast majority of which were generated by the fans - a unique and amazing feature of ECCC), but there was something missing - an eye to the cerebral, moral, and ethical dimension.  We decided to do something about it and applied to run a panel with school friends Danny Ferguson and Chris Hawthorne (who ran the "Art Addicts" side of Youth Unlimited in nearby Langley).

I jotted a few ideas down, and then the four of us met at Tim Hortons and polished them into the 12 ethical issues that we present at comic cons today.  Since then we've met person after person who tells us that they've been looking for a forum and outlet like this - there is clearly a need to engage this side of the graphic arts industry and even the larger entertainment industry.  This has created an extended informal network of people that are encouraging more thoughtful responses to the art around us, and with it, many more people helping us with panels, interviews, and (of course) running the booth!

The original four from left to right:

Danny Ferguson works Youth Unlimited in Langley, BC.  He also has a family and he also lives with them!

Chris Hawthorne is a social worker, masters student, dad of two, husband of one, and fan of the arts.

Chris Klix lives with his family in Chilliwack, BC where he works as an electrician and dabbles in all kinds of creativity.

Reece Friesen lives with his family of 7 in Abbotsford, BC where he works as a pastor and freelance graphic artist.

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