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Thanks for dropping by! Odds are you found us either by reading the Pax Avalon graphic novels, attending one of our "Ethics in Comics" panels, or stopping by our booth at your local comic con. We're glad you did. This site is a gathering place for challenging ideas about how people interact with each other and the impact of the art they create and share.

We started it because we ourselves were immersed in art and surprised at how the messages and content in that art changed us over time. Sometimes art awakens us to something, and that can be either good or bad... depending on whether or not you are equipped to be discerning about those ideas.

We invite you to come and engage in these conversations with us. Nobody knows everything and we all know something. Maybe if we share what we know... well, that's what this site is for.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ethics in Comics

Finished this Netflix Daredevil at Doxacon Seattle with Chris Hawthorne and Tanya Keenan!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ethics in Comics

This was my highlight of the Con... meeting Bruce Timm - THE MAN of Comic Book Animation!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ethics in Comics

CIVIL WARped. I pencilled and inked this at Emerald City Comic Con last week - amazing people there!! Some of them even found their way into the background of this picture... I'll post some ponderings on the ethical story behind this in the coming days, but I'm wondering what people will see without my interpretive layer over top. Thoughts?

Ethics in Comics

Here's the BW inking I did at Emerald City Comic Con: "CIVIL WARped". There are several characters inserted into the background based on the suggestions of fans who came by. They probably won't show up much in the coloured final version, but they're easy to see now. The full colour and BW versions will soon be available in the poster section at www.paxavalon.com.